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Seminars & Workshops


ISIC provides a wide range of high quality interactive learning and development seminars and workshops for schools in the independent (private) and state sectors internationally from one and two day sessions through to a 6 month development programme for a govenrment in the Far East. 

We have a number of set seminar and workshop packages covering areas such as Inspection, Regulation, Teaching & Learning and Compliance and we can also design a seminar programme especially for you, tailored to meet your precise requirements and needs. 



Our approach is based on our experience of designing and delivering hundreds of seminars in the UK and internationally along with training and facilitation best practice methodologies. We have access to a vast database of content which includes material designed to train inspectors who inspect some of the best schools in the world.

  • Preparation and planning: This phase would involve the careful planning and preparation by the project manager and selected Lead Trainer and signed off by you to ensure it meets with your expectations and exact requirements. This phase would also include identifying the specific objective of the training, the audience to be trained, thier learning style and preferences and the location of the training. 
  • Training design: This phase would involve designing the seminar or workshop in order to meet your objectives and requirements including designing interative sessions, handouts and supporting material along with details speakers notes. 
  • Training delivery:  Our Lead Trainer would deliver the session(s) according to the prepared approach at the location of your choice. For longer training programmes we would also refine our approach based on ongoing feedback to maximise learning outcomes and the effectivness of training. 
  • Feedback: Following every training session we not only take time to review feedback from the client but also the delegates using a specially designed delegate feedback form. We can also tailor this feedback in order to assess the effectivess of the training in specific skill, knowledge or awareness areas. 


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