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Understanding the ISI Educational Quality Inspection Framework


ISI Educational Quality Inspections Framework (EQIs) was introduced to schools in January 2017.

This course is designed to provide additional insight for schools and to explain how the new arrangements will differ from the previous ISI integrated inspections. The course will also explore how the separate reporting of compliance enables inspectors to focus more on vivid reporting of a school’s individual characteristics and quality.

Course outline:

1. The consultation results
2. The relationship between EQIs and RCIs
3. How to use documentation: the inspection framework and guidance
4. Making the most of self-evaluation
5. How pupils achievement & personal development is evaluated
6. Using the grade descriptors for self-evaluation
7. The boarding influence
8. Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) links to whole school outcomes 

By the end of this session delegates will:                                                               

> understand the reasons for new approaches to inspection
> know how to present their evidence to best effect to show the uniqueness of their school
> be able to brief their schools on the nature of inspection activity
> understand how the grade descriptors can be used in self-evaluation
> know how the inspection of boarding and EYFS fits into the overall visit.

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Location: ISIC Training Centre, 1st Floor, CAP House, 9-12 Long Lane, London EC1A 9HA

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