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Self-Evaluation for Heads and Deputies


A practical one-day seminar on the value of self-evaluation in the context of school improvement and the inspection process. We look at the use of self-evaluation as a management tool for gaining a realistic understanding of a school‘s strengths and areas for development, in seeking to strengthen performance across all aspects of provision. We explore useful activities and sources of information for effective self-evaluation, and how the process can be meaningfully extended to all members of the school community. You will learn about the cycle of reflection, planning, action and review, the importance of key criteria and resources for measuring progress, and practical approaches to forming judgements. Essential training for schools on the most effective practice for driving improvement, for promoting positive personal and educational outcomes for your pupils, and for enhancing your preparation for ISI inspection.

Preparation & Resources

Delegates are asked to bring…

- The latest version of your self-evaluation document, whether in the form of a SEF or other ‘free range’ document
- A summary of outcomes from at least one school self-evaluation activity (e.g. parent or pupil, survey, work scrutiny, sequence of lesson observations, monitoring of behaviour records)

Course Outline

 1. The purposes of self-evaluation
2. Organizing the process
3. Making judgements
4. Building on outcomes

By the end of this session delegates will:

> Appreciate the purposes of self-evaluation
> Understand processes for effective self-evaluation
> Recognize how self-evaluation informs inspection
> Understand how to make accurate judgements
> Identify how self-evaluation feeds into school improvement

Location: ISIC Training Centre, 1st Floor, CAP House, 9-12 Long Lane, London EC1A 9HA

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