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Leading effective Social, Moral, Spiritual & Cultural (SMSC) Development


Promotion of pupils’ personal development to prepare them to take their place in society as responsible citizens is a key and increasingly complex area of focus in education and in the statutory requirements for schools. This comprehensive one-day seminar is designed to help schools to enhance their approach to developing pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness, with helpful reference to the regulations and the evaluation of evidence within the ISI inspection process. We look at definitions of the component parts of SMSC and how children develop in these areas. You’ll discover ways of devising a strategy for promoting and demonstrating SMSC development in your school. Essential training for schools in their responsibility to actively promote principles and values that facilitate the personal development of pupils as responsible, tolerant, law-abiding citizens and enable them to become self-assured and positive young people.

Preparation & Resources

A Copy of the latest Guidance for Compliance Inspections will be provided during the training.
However if you would like to take note on this document, you should bring a copy of the latest version.
You can find this document on www.isi.net

Course Outline

1. Regulatory requirements and the inspection team’s approach to evaluating SMSC provision
2. Understanding how children develop SMSC skills
3. Definitions of SMSC
4. Successful SMSC development in schools
5. Developing and implementing a whole-school SMSC strategyy
6. How to demonstrate and evaluate the impact of SMSC

By the end of the session delegates will:

> Be familiar with the regulatory requirements and inspection criteria for SMSC, and understand what types of evidence the inspection team will be looking for
> Have a clearer understanding of definitions of SMSC and of how children develop in these areas
> Have a clearer understanding of how to develop a whole-school strategy for SMSC
> Understand how they might track, demonstrate and evaluate the impact of SMSC
> Feel confident that they have the information and strategies to take their schools forward in developing SMSC provision and promote excellent outcomes for their pupils

Location: ISIC Training Centre, 1st Floor, CAP House, 9-12 Long Lane, London EC1A 9HA

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