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Best Practice Indicators of a Good Lesson

Best Practice Indicators of a Good Lesson

24 Jan 2016Workshops

ISIC works with schools, institutions and governments around the world to share best practice and work with education professionals to help maximise learning outcomes and improve teaching practices.

Drawing on this experience and working with literally hundreds of schools globally we have identified some key indicators as to what makes a good lesson:

  • Effective learning for all
  • High expectations
  • High engagement
  • Pace and challenge
  • Use of Time
  • Pupil progress
  • Use of learning objectives and recapping
  • Checking and building on prior knowledge
  • Mutual respect and warm relationships
  • Motivation and behaviour
  • Good class management
  • Good use of assessment
  • Differentiation
  • Effective questioning
  • Enthusiasm and subject knowledge
  • Range of activities
  • Good use of resources including ICT