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Cayman Islands - Systemic School Review

Cayman Islands - Systemic School Review

ISIC was commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Employment and Gender Affairs in the Cayman Islands to provide a comprehensive baseline inspection of all of their state schools in order to assess current performance and identified areas for improvement.

This review included 15 schools of different sizes, phases and aspects and the development of a bespoke inspection approach in order to assess overall effectiveness  across the entire state schooling system on the island.

The baseline inspections primarily examined and reported on the following areas:

  • Student progress and achievement;
  • Effectiveness of teaching and its impact on learning;
  • Leadership and management;
  • The quality of provision and student outcomes in English and in mathematics

The review is took place between 2014 and 2015 with the report finalised in March 2015. 

 "ISIC was chosen for the baseline inspections because of its extensive record of having conducted independent inspections in a number of countries, and for a proposal that outlined a very thorough inspections process."

Tara Rivers, Minister for Education Cayman Islands